What is a Wi-Fi router?

A Wifi router is a network device that combines a wireless access point (or base station), a wireless local area network (LAN) or wired network, and a router providing an internet connection via an ADSL modem (a digital line). subscribers) or by cable. All this device combines to form the wireless network or „infrastructure type network“. Otherwise, a wireless router is a device that manages a network and distributes an internet connection to any computer equipment using a wireless link.

This device embeds a technology, called Wi-Fi ( Wireless Fidelity ), which allows it to provide all services allocated. It must be remembered that Wi-Fi is a technology that makes it possible to connect computer devices (computer, mobile, television, …) to each other without any cable connection. This transmission technology relies solely on the use of radio waves to provide the broadband internet connection for home and business use. Thus, to connect to a Wi-Fi network, via a router, each computer device must be equipped with a Wi-Fi compatible network card.

How does a wireless router work?

Although the mechanisms of the Wi-Fi network appear complex for the general public, its operating principle remains very simple. In general, a Wifi router connects to the internet using your name and password. And once the connection is established between the device (computer, tablet, smartphone, …) and the network, the router is responsible for sharing the user information to all other devices connected to the same network system. Here are the top 7 enterprise wireless router vendors.

This shows that a wireless router is at the heart of any WiFi network system. Moreover, it is the main component. In fact, a Wifi router plays several roles in a network system, the main one of which is routing: transfer of a flow of information or data in the form of „packets“ between several independent networks. In addition, the Wifi router ensures the routing of digital data from connected devices to the network. One of its roles is to facilitate the sharing of internet connection between different devices via Ethernet cables (wired mode) or wireless link. By providing these various functions, the Wifi router optimizes the communication between the different devices connected to the network.

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